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Soul Coaching Oracle Cards: What Your Soul Wants You to Know


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There are times when blockages or uncertainty resonates within each of us. In those times, not matter what card you pull for yourself, you are unable to see outside your situation and perhaps interpret the true meaning of the card.


Each Certified Oracle Card Reader listed on this site can tap into the energy surrounding the client to clarify exactly what is needed to unblock or discover what is necessary to propel into areas of life that will allow the client to experience the abundance of life.


All Certified Oracle Card Readers on this site have met the strict criteria of Denise Linn's certification program, and have performed and documented dozens of different types of readings, created a sacred space for their readings to occur in, and some have even created their own powerful oracle decks to use in readings.


Each reading is unique to the individual, as each of us has our unique energy and aura.

Each oracle card reader brings different and unique qualities and skills to the reading to enhance the experience for their clients.


The answers do lie inside each client; the oracle card reader is the conduit between the client and the answers that lie within each of us, providing clarity, definitions and support.


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