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Soul Coaching Oracle Cards: What Your Soul Wants You to Know

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When we are looking for guidance from our deep intuition or from our angels, guides or heavenly mentors, we probably wish we could just hear them speaking to us. But, generally, messages from these divine helpers come to us through much quieter methods. Ancient humans used many tools as interpreting these messages. Reading dried teas leaves, seeing animal appearances, throwing bones, and Oracle cards are methods that allow us to find a common language with our guides, and get the answers we are looking for.


Oracle cards are decks of cards, each with a different message, sometimes portrayed with images, sometimes with words and sometimes they  come with a book that gives a deeper meaning or message behind the cards. These cards act as the messenger, relay what you need to know about a situation or guidance in moving forward.


The Soul Coaching® Oracle cards are the essence of qualities that our soul yearns to teach us to live a fabulous, joyful and purposeful life. These card were designed as the "What' Messages... as in 'What is it that I need to know about this (situation)"


Denise Linn's newest deck, the Gateway Oracle Cards, are the "How' message, as in "How do I take an action (in this situation)"


Each individual reading is unique utilizing the energy received by the reader from the client.  Some readers use just one deck, but many combine cards from different decks to fine tune the information. Working with a reader is different than just working with the cards yourself, as they offer you different ways to view the messages as it relates to your life.


This energy allows the reader to tap into the essence for clarification of the needs of the client.


The Oracle cards and the Your Oracle Card Reader explore all the reflections of the cards and messages to provide a unique and purposeful experience.


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