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LuAnn Cibik

Inner Harmony

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'Mommy', Breezy and Angel, and yes,

they are in little dresses.



Hi! My name is LuAnn Cibik, 

and I'm delighted that you are visiting me here on the Internet!


As the owner of Inner Harmony, my whole goal with all services, including Oracle Card Reading is to provide you with a feeling of Inner Harmony so that you can be as successful and happy as you would like!

My background includes many other diverse yet related studies.

I'm a Master Educator Interior Alignment®, Feng Shui and Space Clearing, a Soul Coach, a Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, a Past Life Coach, and very happily, a Certified Oracle Card Reader! I have a Holistic Color Therapeutics for the Home certification from IBIS and am certified as a Medical Qigong Therapist through the International Institute of Medical QiGong.  I am also one of only a few teachers of Essential Space Clearing certified by Denise Linn in the United States!

Becoming a feng shui consultant and educator was a part of a long journey. I was always experimenting with color and rearranging my rooms as a child. I have many fields of study that I absolutely love, and have incorporated into my work over the past 20 years. I have been a full time professional feng shui consultant and teacher since 2003.

I have studied both eastern and western astrology and find it's interplay of understanding people and how they relate to each other and their environments fascinating. In my learning journey, I have been blessed to have studied aromatherapy with Taoist priest Jeffery Yuen, and it's uses for both metaphysical as well as medicinal effects.


Sacred Circles Jewelry


One of the way I blend all these studies is to create a power item for my clients in through my Sacred Circles Jewelry.

The process starts when a client requests a bracelet ( or other item), to help them with a specific issue in life (such as abundance, self love, success, relationship...)

I prepare my workspace for the intention that they wish, through the use of essential oils, rocks and crystals and sometimes even waiting for a specific day in the moon cycle or other astrological event.

I then use my Goddess Oracle Cards, to ask for a specific intention or message from the goddess to help this person with their goal.

Once I pull the message, I use that in crafting the jewelry, through color, numerology and intention, so that the message is something the client can wear to empower themselves.

I then create a small booklet that outlines the message and how it is represented in their bracelet.

Sometimes, I let the item rest is a basket of crystals to absorb a certain energy, or allow them to bathe in the sunlight or moonlight to empower them in just the right way.

Each one is unique, and created in love. When they are ready to leave, I package them in a beautiful box or bag, and send them to their owner!

 from a Sacred Circle Recipient:


"LuAnn, the bracelet is stunning and so beautiful. The light reflects off the bracelet and is so elegant and shimmers.

Thank you Thank  you Thank you!!!


I may never take it off. The message card and description of how you created this beautiful masterpiece was so inspiring and beautiful.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart-

I am so appreciative for the love you put into the bracelet. "  ~ Cynthia

My Other Life:

Before starting my company Inner Harmony, I worked over 22 years in the Information Management field in both healthcare and manufacturing. I still maintain this 'geek' aspect with my love of computers by designing websites; blending my art, graphics, feng shui understanding and corporate marketing understanding to help my clients.

I'm also proud to be an active member of the Foundation Council for Interior Alignment® since 2004, and the webmaster for  www.InteriorAlignment.com and www.Soul-Coaching.com, and this website for the magical Oracle Card Readers!.  I have had the honor of working as Denise Linn’s workshop assistant and also as conference organizer for three  'Weekend of Miracles' workshops, and the IA 2007 and 2009 conferences.  I've been a member of the Home Staging Resources group since 2006, and have been an affiliate member of my local Real Estate professional group.

I Am Blessed:

Since becoming a consultant and teacher, I have been blessed to have just the best clients and students from all over the world. By using the internet, Skype and other tools, I have coached and trained people in Japan, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, San Salvador, Brazil, and other lovely places on Mother Earth. In 2011, I taught certification and enrichment workshops in both Australia and New Zealand, and every so often I venture to different spots in the US for courses and events.

I used Oracle Cards for years and years, and find it a powerful way to work with clients. I offer many types of readings, and we can do a reading 'live' (on the phone or on Skype) or you can email me a question and I can do a single or multiple card spread. You can find more details on my website at


And, if you are looking for a perfect gift to give others, I offer gift certificates for both 'live' and emailed readings!


When you are looking for a reader,

a mentor, a teacher, a coach or a consultant, you know instinctually who the 'right one' is for you.

I hope I have given you some insight to my background and loves, and perhaps we have a lot in common!

I hope we get to chat.

I look forward to assisting you find Your Inner Harmony! 



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