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Past life exploration has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Even as a little kid in Mississippi I questioned my Sunday School teachers about past lives and somehow just KNEW that we all reincarnated over and over. Since it was the 60s in Mississippi, I learned to keep some of my ideas to myself (a novel concept). I am sure I drove my sweet little southern mom crazy with all my odd questions about reincarnation and UFOs growing up in rural Mississippi. After graduating from college I moved to Dallas and lived the uber-fast Dallas life for 15 years or so. I worked in the fashion industry and my life revolved around looking good, having fun and seeing how big I could get my blonde hair. I admit, it was fun! Then, for a few years I worked for PETsMART and PETCO and loved it, but was beginning to tire of retail. Throughout all this time I pursued many spiritual past times and enjoyed all things metaphysical. My sweet, loving sister, Mimi, gifted me my first Tarot card deck in the early 80s and I plugged along in my studies of that modality. That gift began my fascination with divination decks.

Along the way I fell in love with the sport of purebred dogs and bred many Top Ranked, Top Winning French Bulldogs (including both of Martha Stewart’s Frenchies) for almost 20 years. For more on THAT, visit Jackpot! French Bulldogs. We no longer breed or show dogs, but it was a lot if fun and we met some amazing people. I also have my holistic dog products business, The Blissful Dog, home of the world famous nose butter and now Clearing Spray.

Right after I turned 40, I took a job as an apprentice graphic designer in St. Paul, MN and headed north up I-35. Nope, I had never lived in the cold and knew I would need boots and a BIG coat. Literally a week after I got to Minnesota, I met my future husband, Steve Vitcak. Talk about things happening for a reason! I wanted to get married on our second date, but he wanted to wait and wait and wait, for five years…so we waited five years, but get married we did! Shortly after the festive wedding we bought a fishing resort, Dancing Bear Resort, in far northwestern Minnesota and here we are! I still have three French Bulldogs, one Great Pyrenees, one mini-horse, thirteen alpacas and a YAK, yep, a yak. Plus, peacocks and fancy chickens. Life ROCKS here in the Minnesota big woods.

Like happens to many women, when I entered my 40s my interests in all of this intensified and now that I am well into my 50s it has only grown more all-consuming. Soon after we purchased our resort I began to dig even more deeply into my spirituality and so the exploration began. I truly feel that the things in life that interest us and the things in life that we are passionate are “bleed-throughs” from past lives. When we immerse ourselves into a hobby, an avocation or learning something, I feel we are re-remembering and fine-tuning a passion from a previous life. An interest in astrology may stem from a past life as an astrologer in the Middle East or China. A passion for horses may be a result of many, many past lives in which horses were an integral part of your life. A love of flowers may have its roots (bad pun) in a life as a gardener for the Royal Family in England. So, I have allowed myself to pursue whatever struck my fancy at the time…feeling that it was truly a remembering of what I have done before. Thus, the diverse areas of study.

The Past Life and Soul Coaching Certification I received in 2007 from Denise Linn was one of the most insightful experiences of my life.  Denise created an environment of complete love, trust and natural beauty and that allowed us to open up in ways unimagined before. It was like meeting your Spirit Guide in person. In that training I was certified as a Past Life Coach. She immersed us in learning about how pats lives can affect present lives and her book, Past Lives, Present Miracles is one of the most complete books on past life work…ever.

In October of 2009, I was blessed to be able to retake Denise’s training. My husband asked if I had to repeat Soul Coaching training, I laughed and told him it was a deepening and that Denise had added a module on how to help me be the BEST WIFE ever. One does what they have to do to get a laugh…Anyway, the deepening was an even more empowering time in my life than my first time. Of course, I am not the same person and I had a basis in this amazing work, but I will say my life is even fuller than before!

Here is a quick overview of some of my more “formal” training. That is, of course, in addition to reading everything I could get my hands on for over 50 years and having lived ever, ever so many fun past lives!

My Metaphysical Training…So Far

Certified Soul Coach and Certified Past Life Coach with Denise Linn
Two Year Core Shamanism Apprenticeship with Jeanne Troge
Two Year Celtic Shamanism program with Jeanne Troge
Faery Doctoring Program with Tom Cowan
Apprenticed with Isha Lerner for the Tarot and Flower Essence
Graduate of Sonia Choquette’s Six Sensory Practioner’s Program
Graduate of Kathryn Harwig’s Intuitive Mastery program
Graduate of Ronelle Coburn’s Intensive Hand Analysis Training
Graduate of Kathryn Harwig’s Intuitive Mastery Program

Continuing astrological studies with several teachers
Conducted Tarot readings at numerous expos
Conducted Hand Analysis readings at various expos and metaphysical centers
Conducted Past Life Workshops at area metaphysical centers
Keynote speaker for the Bemidji, MN Radiant Retreats Expo (regressed almost 100 people in a group regression)

Tarot reading instructor at Brigid’s House Healing Center
Hand Analysis instructor at Brigid’s House Healing Center
Spiritual Marketing Instructor at Brigid’s House
Hand Analysis Readings at The Twelve Houses in Grand Forks, ND



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