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Cindy Lake





My desire and goal, through my professional services, is to be a gateway and resource for you to live the life of your dreams, achieve all that you desire and to Believe in You!  

Certified by Denise Linn as a Soul Coach™, Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, Soul CoachingOracle Card Practitioner and a Mentor for Denise’s Soul CoachingOracle Card Certification Course has forever changed my life while adding a dimension to coaching the “wholeness”. 

When harmony, balance and having fun exists then new goals, desires and dreams abound!

As a child, I was very intuitive and part of a lineage of “quiet hidden healers” .The age of nine, as in most cases, an incident resulted in what I call “the shut down”. I enjoyed a successful corporate career, a wonderful personal life and all the rewards of success.

My journey awoke when my mother was killed in 2003. This tragedy also brought a gift for me from my mom. My mom’s NDE as a teenager and her talking about it brought comfort but also opened a gateway.

 Dreams, messages, unexplained events, symbols began to appear out of nowhere, originally explained away as shock and grief.

Intuitively I knew better and thus the journey for understanding, training and following my true self, my true purpose.

Time for me now  was created for you, a place where you can access professional services to gain a better understanding of how to achieve your personal, professional goals and to live life purposefully and passionately. Our lives are ever changing and my experience has demonstrated understanding our current place, identifying the messages, acknowledging our fears and dreams enables our lives begin to blossom and thrive.

Dream, Believe and Achieve all You Desire!





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